Gria Vathra, Natural Pool

Samothraki, 680 02, Greece

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Gria Vathra is located 2 km from Therma, in a beautiful landscape full of trees and ferns. There is a sequence of at least ten waterfalls and vathres, most of which are easily accessible. Depending on your mood and on your physical strength you can choose between two paths. The first path is easier and thus more suitable for families to cross. After a 10-15 minute of walking in a relaxed manner, this path will lead you to an artificial vathra. It is rewarding to go to the rear side of the cliff where one could see the first natural vathra, which is quite small, yet it’s got enough space for someone to rest. At this point the path seems to be immersing in the water! Dip in the water halfway down your thigh to walk across the second vathra, then to the third one, to the fourth and so on for as long as you feel like it, since the higher you climb the more fascinated you become with the enchanting sight of the mountain. The alternative route, a more demanding than the first one, entails a 20 minute walk on a shadeless path which leads to a large sandy vathra. Here you can camp and enjoy a refreshing diving in the cool waters.

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