Aya Paraskevi Monastery

Alaybey Mahallesi, Çınar Çeşme Sk. No:13, 17680 Bozcaada/Çanakkale, Türkiye

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Aya Paraskevi Greek Festival is celebrated on July 26th and is one of the only days when the monastery is opened to worship. On this day, a crowded group gathers and has fun, and the festival is also called Ayazma Fair among local people. There is a cave of wish at the bottom of the monastery. Visitors here light candles and make a wish. They bring stones and brushwood in order to symbolize their wishes. The stones over each other in the cave actually symbolize houses and cars of their dreams. By the way, don't imagine the monastery as big buildings where chaplains seclude themselves. Monastery is a word used to name worship places built away from the residential areas. Supposedly, there used to be 36 monasteries in Bozcaada. Nowadays, only 2 of them are still, the others having been destroyed. Photo Credits to http://www.gobozcaada.com

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