Picture © Credits to istock/fotokon
Picture © Credits to istock/fotokon

Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina

The biggest city of the region and the country’s capital, is the city of Sarajevo....

This city merges several cultures, thus you will find churches, cathedrals and mosques in the same environment. Home of some precious bridges, Miljacka River crosses through Sarajevo. One of the nicest cities of the region is Mostar, a really old city of Bosnia, located in the south of the capital. The most famous bridge of the country, Stari Most bridge, is in this city. It is part of the UNESCO programme. Close to Mostar the small city of Pocitelj has a lot to offer. Even older than Mostar the city has lots of historical sites. Old houses, mosques and forterres are waiting for you. But the Sahat Kula, the tower of the city offers the best view of the horizon. If you are more into nature the region also offers ideal places to cover your needs. You can go skiing on the mountains of Bjelašnica and Igman, which are the best locations in the country. For hiking it is recommended to locate in the west of the region.

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