Picture © Credits to istock/sorincolac
Picture © Credits to istock/sorincolac


Dubrovnik-Neretva county is the most southern region of the country. It borders Bosnia-Herzegovina to the north, and Montenegro to the east....

The county has a large coast to the Adriatic Sea. It might be the most touristic region of the country, full of paradisiac beaches and creeks the coast and the islands located in the region are known as the new Ibiza. Some islands are really quiet, perfect for chilling and getting tanned all day. The capital city of the region is Dubrovnik, an old city which is part of the UNESCO programme. The best thing to do is have a walk on the walls around the city and enjoy the orange roof all around. The region also has a National Park, Mljet, which is a protected island were you can go and visit the monastery and chill in beautiful places.

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