Camping at the Butterfly Valley in Turkey

Butterfly Valley, Uzunyurt Mahallesi, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla Province, Turkey

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Camping at the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye: A Tranquil Escape

If you're seeking a truly enchanting camping experience in Turkey, look no further than the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye. Nestled between the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic rocky mountains, this secluded paradise offers a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Natural Wonder

The Butterfly Valley, despite its name, is not known for its butterflies anymore. Mass tourism and party cruises have unfortunately driven away these delicate creatures. However, that doesn't diminish the beauty of this place. In fact, it remains one of the most picturesque spots in Turkey, with its pristine sandy beach and crystal-clear waters.

Exploring the Valley

To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Butterfly Valley, I recommend taking a boat cruise from Oludeniz. As you sail along the stunning coastline, keep an eye out for remnants of ancient Lycian ruins scattered along the historic Lycian Way. These archaeological treasures add a touch of history to your journey.

Once you arrive at the Butterfly Valley, you can embark on a hike up to Faralya, a quieter village located on a ridge overlooking the valley. The trail is relatively easy to follow, but be prepared for some steep sections that require a bit of climbing. Don't forget to wear proper shoes and exercise caution during the hike.

Camping in Faralya

One of the best ways to experience the magic of the Butterfly Valley is by camping. Faralya offers a free campground where you can pitch your own tent. Alternatively, if you prefer not to carry your own camping gear, nearby guesthouses offer rental options at a reasonable price.

The beauty of camping in Faralya is the freedom to choose your own camping spot. With its panoramic views of the Butterfly Valley, you'll be spoiled for choice. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun rising over the turquoise waters, or falling asleep under a blanket of stars. It's a truly unforgettable experience.

Fun Facts and Historical Significance

Did you know that the Butterfly Valley was named after the Jersey Tiger butterfly, which used to inhabit the area? Although the butterflies are no longer present, the valley's natural beauty remains unparalleled.

The Butterfly Valley also holds historical significance as part of the ancient Lycian civilization. Along the Lycian Way, you can discover remnants of ancient ruins, adding a sense of wonder and intrigue to your visit.

When to Visit

The best time to visit the Butterfly Valley and camp in Faralya is during the spring and autumn months. The weather is mild, and the valley is less crowded, allowing you to fully appreciate the tranquility of the surroundings. During the summer months, the valley can get quite busy with day-trippers, so plan your visit accordingly.


Camping at the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye is a journey into nature's embrace. Despite the absence of butterflies, the valley's natural beauty remains unparalleled. From the sandy beach to the rugged mountains, every moment spent here is a feast for the senses. So grab your camping gear, pitch your tent, and immerse yourself in the serenity of this enchanting destination.

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