Donkey ride and traditional weddings

Santorini, Greece

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Santorini offers you the rare chance to travel around the whole island with a donkey. While to some, the idea may seem absurd, to most it is one of the most beautiful experiences in Santorini. The best place to catch these donkeys is at the old port at Fira, the capital of Santorini. You can also travel from the village of Oia to Ammoudi or in any other village. Up until 1979, this was the only mode of transport to climb up or down the 600 steps of the harbour to get to Fira. Since then cable cars have been installed but the donkey owners have not lost out much since some percentage of the earnings that come from cable cars are given to them. And besides, a lot of people, especially tourists enjoy taking the donkey ride over cable cars. In traditional weddings also the donkey will take the bride to the church and back to her house. These donkeys are rather tame and in fact enjoy having children on their back. You must be aware that these animals do have a tendency to go a little fast and while that might make you nervous, you have to remember that you can blindly trust them along with the instinct of their owners.

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