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Caminito del Rey - 8km of pure joy

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Travel Tips For Andalusia

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Caminito del Rey (or “King's Pathway”) is an 8-kilometre long walking path near Malaga featuring spectacular canyon views and vertiginous footbridges up to 105 meters high. Caminito is often advertised as the most dangerous walkway in the world. Because of this rather deceptive description, those scared of heights don't go, and adrenaline junkies end up disappointed. Let's be honest. Caminito has recently been restored and it's now very safe. Once it was dangerous. Nowadays everyone who is able to walk for 8 kilometres can easily do it. It wont make you scream in fear or excitement, but yes, you will still find the views gorgeous and enjoy every step of it, walking between two gorges, canyons and a large valley.

I was one of those disappointed adrenaline junkies, expecting a big adventure. However, I completed the path just as any other relaxing walk in the nature. Even though Caminito failed to fulfil my expectations when it comes to its level of difficulty, I was very happy I did it. I just wish I knew what to expect.

Picture © Credits to LUCKOHNEN

Most of the articles about Caminito talk about it as the Walkway of Death. Once it was. Caminito was built in 1901 as part of king Alfonso XIII’s ambitious hydroelectric energy project, meant to unify three rivers. After a few decades, it stopped being both used and maintained and soon became an attraction for climbers and adrenalin junkies. By the 90's, it became almost completely destroyed, but still attracting adventure seekers. Finally, in 2000 and after a series of deaths, the government closed the walkway. Nevertheless, four trespassers died attempting to scale the gorge in the following years.

Caminito del Rey, a two-hours walk!
Caminito del Rey, a two-hours walk!
Caminito del Rey Acceso Norte, 29550 Ardales, Málaga, Spain
El Chorro (Malaga)
El Chorro (Malaga)
29552 El Chorro, Málaga, Spain

Today, you can still see the leftovers of the old old path, just below the new one. The entire route has been carefully restored, reopened for visitors in 2015, and awarded the Europa Nostra for heritage conservation. Safety features nowadays are not comparable with the original path. Except for a light helmet, you won't need any additional equipment, such as safety rope etc. I am not exaggerating if I say that the walk could be done in flip-flops, but it's obviously more comfortable to do it in walking shoes, snickers or walking sandals. Of 8 km, 4.8 are access paths and 2.9 are walkways.

Picture © Credits to kiko_jimenez

A few things you should know before visiting - the tickets have to be purchased in advance, sometimes as much as 2 months in advance. There is a limited number of people entering daily, so you need to buy the ticket for a specific day and even hour. There is a 10€ entrance fee. Although the walk can be completed in 2 hours (it's linear but there's a shuttle bus to take you back to the beginning), give yourself some more time to enjoy the nature. Even though there's a pathway built in the middle of a gorge, it's incredible how well it fits the surroundings. If you still have time after completing it, there is a stunning turquoise coloured lake near the entrance. One can hire paddle boats or cannoes, or just go and swim.

Picture © Credits to kiko_jimenez.

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