Camino de Santiago “The French way”

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If you’re a big fan of hiking, or even if you love walking, running and camping around new places while following new & extremely beautiful paths in the middle of nowhere, then you should definitely be familiar with the famous Camino de Santiago route in Spain.

Background history; The history of the Camino de Santiago goes back at the beginning of the 9th century (year 814) moment of the discovery of the tomb of the evangelical apostle of the Iberian Peninsula. Since this discovery, Santiago de Compostela becomes a peregrination point of the entire European continent. The Way was defined then by the net of Roman routes that joined the neuralgic points of the Peninsula. The impressive human flow that from very soon went towards Galicia made quickly appear lots of hospitals, churches, monasteries, abbeys and towns around the route. During the 14th century the pilgrimage began to decay, fact brought by the wars, the epidemics and the natural catastrophes.

Nowadays, the Camino de Santiago is one of the “trekking dreams” of people all over the world and it attracts thousands of pilgrims (well, visitors) willing to walk it over every year. Walking the Camino is not difficult – most of the stages are fairly flat on good paths. The main difficulty is that few of us have walked continuously for 10, 20 or 30 days. You learn more about your feet than you would ever have thought possible!

Let’s now introduce the French way! If you are looking for the classic Camino experience, this is the perfect tour for you! You will be walking the last 100kms of the famous French Way, the Camino Francés, from Sarria to Santiago across the green rolling landscapes of Galicia. This is the most popular Camino trip and perfectly captures the essence of the Camino de Santiago: meet fellow pilgrims, discover local traditions and enjoy the unique atmosphere of it all, rewarding yourself with good food after a day walking in Galicia’s green countryside. Ready for a big adventure?! Then you should definitely pack your backpack and prepare for an unforgettable experience! Below you may find a few activities and places that shouldn’t be missed while walking the “French way”!Explore!

Santiago de Compostela Catedral
Santiago de Compostela Catedral
Praza do Obradoiro, s/n, 15704 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain
The views will reward your efforts! Explore!

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