Picture © Credits to istock/CuorerouC
Picture © Credits to istock/CuorerouC


Situated between Padania (the Po Valley) to the north, the Apennine Mountains to the south and the Adriatic Sea to the east, this is a region of varied landscapes including both vast plains and mountains....

It offers an astonishing diversity in recreational opportunities and cultural riches to discover. Not satisfied with being one of the cultural centres of Italy (many artists and scientists have lived here or drawn their inspiration from the region since the Renaissance), it has also become one of the most advanced parts of the country economically speaking, with its agrifood and automotive industries. The University of Bologna is well worth seeing for its architecture and dynamism; Parma's gastronomy will delight foodies; lovers of the Ferrari cars will definitely want to stop by the Ferrari museum in Maranello.

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