Spiaggia Pane e Pomodoro (Bari, Italy)

C.so Trieste, 70126 Bari, Italy


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The sandy beach is flanked by a large green space (lawn) equipped with benches, baskets, some games for children. Within the area there is a bar, toilets and showers to allow users to refresh. The lido of Bread and Tomato owes its name to the habit of Bari to destine it as an ideal destination for small outings in the days of the hottest party and on summer Sundays where the simple bread with tomato was the most common comfort among bathers. The water facing the sandy coast is among the cleanest because of sewer spills town in case of collapse of the sewage system in conjunction with torrential rains. In addition to the sandy shore for access to the sea they are also prepared of wooden piers.

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