Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Eskikale Mahallesi, Deyrulzafaran Yolu No:1 D:2, 47100 Artuklu/Mardin, Türkiye
+90 482 208 10 61

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Dayro d-Mor Hananyo (Turkish: Daryülzafaran Manastırı) is an important Syriac Orthodox monastery. The monastery is located in the Syriac cultural region known as Tur Abdin, and is located three kilometers south east of Mardin, Turkey. It is usually better known by its nickname, the 'Saffron Monastery' which is derived from the warm color of its stone. Dayro d-Mor Hananyo is located on the site of a temple dedicated to the Assyrian sun god Shamash, which was then converted into a citadel by the Romans. After the Romans withdrew from the fortress, Mor Shlemon transformed it into a monastery in 493 AD. In 793 the monastery was renovated after a period of decline by the Bishop of Mardin and Kfartuta, Mor Hananyo, who gave the monastery its current name. Picture credit to © tarbod

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