Picture © Credits to istock/Xantana
Picture © Credits to istock/Xantana

Black Sea Region

The Black Sea is the northern region of the country, border with the Black sea. The region is very mountainous and is heavily forested, while the highest parts of the mountains are covered with alpine meadows, glacier lakes, and glaciers....

The region is known for its treks and sport activities you can do in the mountains. With the rivers, waterfalls and streams you can go canoeing or rafting. During the winter ski stations open in the mountains. The most famous attraction in the mountains is the Sumela monastery. This monastery is handing on a cliff and is really hard to access. Sumela is close to the capital of the region, Trabzon, a sweet coast city. On the coast of the Black Sea you will find the Amasya and Safranbolu villages with whitewashed ottoman riverside houses, which today are part of the UNESCO programme.

Cities and towns to visit in Black Sea Region

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