Alara Benlier

Alara Benlier


About Alara

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! My first traveling experience was in 2013 to Europe. I remember falling in love with the architecture, the culture, the art and of course the food. After that, I wanted to explore more, not as a tourist but as a local, that's why I did the Erasmus Programme and went to the Netherlands, a life-changing experience for me. Traveling became a passion. I love meeting new cultures, learning something new every day, seeing new places, tasting the delicious food and being not just a tourist, but a traveler. I am excited to share all my experiences, make a difference in people’s lives and make them enjoy traveling more. So if you want to explore gorgeous Germany, the cool Netherlands and of course history-rich Turkey, follow me and let’s explore them together!

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