Cover Picture © Credits to iStock/Melih Evren Burus
Cover Picture © Credits to iStock/Melih Evren Burus
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Quick getaway in the Black sea region, Trabzon & Rize

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With its breathtakingly beautiful green nature, fresh air, sea and fantastic landscapes, the Black Sea region is one of the most visited places in Turkey. Many visitors get mesmerized by the amazing coast of the Black Sea. If you are looking for an excuse to run away from the heat wave for a couple of days, you need to check out the area. Trust me, pack your bags, and let's dive into it! 

Picture © Credits to iStock/PhotoLondonUK
Picture © Credits to iStock/PhotoLondonUK


Being the largest city in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, Trabzon is surrounded by amazing forests and mountains! This gorgeous city was founded in 756 BC by Greek colonists. Trabzon is squeezed between two rivers with steep cliffs on both sides. This magnificent city is famous for its nuts which are used in Nutella, but Trabzon offers more than just nuts. While there, you can visit historical places, enjoy every drop of nature and of course, swim in the Black sea! 

The most important historical site in here is the famous Sümela Monastery. Sümela Monastery is a breathtaking rock-hewn monastery, standing gracefully still on the narrow ledge of a cliff. Covered with forests -just like every other place in Trabzon- this breathtaking building was built in the fourth century. Inside the monastery, there are lots of frescoes. You can find murals depicting animal figures, saints, Jesus Christ, and many more! 

 For a mesmerizing nature, you have to check out Uzungöl! Located up in the mountains, with an altitude of 1090 m., this 1 km long lake is surrounded by gorgeous forests. The tracks around the lake are perfectly ideal for hiking. At the same time, you can rent a bungalow to stay overnight and enjoy this beautiful nature all day long! After a long day, you can enjoy gorgeous beaches like the "Çamburnu Plajı."  It is known for being wavy and very clean, so if you want some action, this beach is definitely worth a visit!

Picture © Credits to iStock/isa_ozdere
Picture © Credits to iStock/isa_ozdere


Imagine a city covered with different colors of trees, rivers, fountains, waterfalls, fresh summer breezes, and of course loads of fresh tea! If you can't stand the heatwave, you should visit Rize.  Accommodation is not a problem; there are plenty of hotels as well as great restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.! "Ayder Yaylası" is the one to go. The place offers the best view of the dense forestry and several waterfalls nearby. 

Not only nature but also the local cuisine will amaze you. You can eat trout, taste its famous rhododendron honey and traditional dishes like soups, pilafs or meatballs made from all anchovy, pide (pita bread with various toppings or fillings), muhlama (melted cheese with cornmeal and butter) and sütlaç as a dessert (rice pudding). You can also relax while listening to the calming sound of the Fırtına Creek in Rize! 

 Don't forget to check out the well-preserved Ottoman stone bridges as well! If you don't mind being on a beach full of pebbles, you should also visit the "Fındıklı Plajı". While swimming in here, you might come across a lot of fish species!

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