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Mount Etna is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, the largest and highest active volcano in Europe and it is the natural attraction that inevitably draws the largest number of tourists in Sicily from all over the world. Mount Etna lies in the eastern part of Sicily, has a height of about 3,300 meters ad a circular base of over a hundred kilometers. It is visible from most of the Eastern Sicily, often gives amazing flaming shows, with high fountains of lava that illuminate the cool Sicilian nights. White in winter and black in summer, it has on the slopes the signs of the dramatic nature of its power. Propped from small hills, once active craters, now covered with thick vegetation, the entire territory of Etna (about 60,000 hectares) has always been the subject of attention by the Sicilian Region, which established the Parco dell’Etna in 1987 .

Mount Etna has been recognized as the sixth Sicilian site to join the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its majesty and vigor that for millennia distinguishes every aspect of Eastern Sicily. A natural wonder that deserves to be visited for its historical and geographical value and for its wonderful vegetation, immersed in a natural spectacular environment. When the volcano is active it is a real show, especially in the evening when the many glowing lava arms coming out of the mouth of the volcano can be compared to a huge illuminated octopus. Thanks to the progress in the transport sector it is much more easier to reach the slopes of Etna now compared to some years ago. If you visit Mount Etna during the spring, summer, or fall you will enjoy landscapes varying from volcanic craters to barren fields of lava to swatches of woods and vineyards. Whatever time of year you go, Mount Etna offers the best views of the entire island. Make your way to the top to ogle the lunar landscape, and then look beyond it to the ash fields, vineyards, rolling hills and medieval towns below.

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