Mt. Ozren

Ozren, Sokobanja, Serbia

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Ozren is a mountain in central Serbia, near the town of Sokobanja. Its highest peak, Leskovik, has an elevation of 1,178 m (3,865 ft). Ozren is well-forested and attractive as a picnic ground for visitors to the Sokobanja. The mountain is rich in creeks and streams. The short river of Gradašnička reka springs on the mountain and flows into the Sokobanjska Moravica. Until early 2000s it had several watermills. The river is known for the Ripaljka Waterfall. It is located on an altitude of 420 m (1,380 ft) and 17.5 m (57 ft) high. Geographer Jovan Cvijić described it as one of the "most beautiful and highest" waterfalls in Serbia. Due to the seasonal changes, the waterfall has the largest amount of water in spring and autumn while it is much calmer during summer. The area surrounding Ripaljka was protected as the nature park in 1948, the oldest such a protected area in Serbia.

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