Aliakmonas river and the lake of Polyfytos

Polyphytos 504 00, Greece

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The Aliakomnas River streams through the area of Kozani’s prefecture and it pours into the Thermaic gulf, in the southern part of Axios River, creating an extensive delta rich in flora and fauna. The river is very old just like its name. The name “Aliakmonas” comes from the word “αλς” (salt, the see) and the word “ακμων” (anvil). According to the Greek mythology Aliakmonas was one of the river Gods, who had been born from the Ocean and Tithy. It was and still remains a source of life. At a distance of 20 km southeast of Kozani there is the artificial lake of Polyfytos. It is crossed by a 55 m over the water surface high bridge, which is 1.372 meters long and 13,5 meters wide. It is known as the “High Bridge of Servia”. The lake was created by the creation of a dam and the operation of the most important hydroelectric plant of the country. It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Greece, where a modern floating port has been build recently. The program was promoted by Kozani’s Prefecture facing at the creation of special conditions to develop eco-tourism, maritime and fishing activities. The route around the lake is of high interest, following the road to the village Imera, passing over the Polyfytos lake hydroelectric dam of the Public Power Corporation (ΔΕΗ) and continuing to the opposite side among the orchards towards the Village Velvendo. You can also camp for swimming and fishing at the lake.

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