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Winter Escapes in Greece; Off to the West!

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Travel Tips For Polyfyto

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If you ever thought that Greece is a destination only worth-visiting during summertime, well, I’m here with this series of pages to prove you definitely wrong.

Idyllic “White” landscapes, ski-resorts, picturesque mountainous villages, natural winter pools, mystical and mythological caves, hidden winter gems and generally extremely beautiful destinations are about to be presented, so stay tuned!

As promised in part 3, I am now back to present a few alternative winter escapes in Greece that await to be discovered and that would definitely steal your heart!

Part 4. Off to the West!

If you fancy visiting mountainous areas surrounded by forests and majestic landscapes then you should definitely pay a visit to the western part of Greece.

Mountainous landscapes, high altitude cities, fresh air, lakes and colorful forests can be found all across the north-western part of Greece!

Here’s a selection with some of my personal favourite western winter destinations & festivities that deserve a visit while in Greece!

1) Visit Neraida Village, Aliakmonas river & the lake of Polyfytos!

Once you arrive in the village of Neraida, you’ll have the chance to drink a coffee or have lunch/dinner in one of the many traditional cafeterias and restaurants with a breathtaking view of the lake and its magnificent bridge! Camp and enjoy the view from the top!

Aliakmonas river and the lake of Polyfytos
Aliakmonas river and the lake of Polyfytos
8499+3C Polyfyto, Greece

2) Attend Kozani’s traditional carnival!

How could this carnival be characterized; people setting a wood fire in each neighborhood while dancing around it, eating and drinking Tsipouro or Wine. "Fanoi" is a very unique and rare tradition.. It demands a lot of preparation that is why people come together these days, they forget about their differences and they aim to have LOADS OF FUN.

Carnival in Kozani, the “fanoi” tradition
Carnival in Kozani, the “fanoi” tradition
El. Venizelou 9, Kozani 501 00, Greece

3) Go skiing and snowboarding in Vasilitsa or Kaimaktsalan!

You have heard that Greece is offered as well, as an amazing winter destination and that it provides you with a majority of winter options and activities, so you decided to give it a try! And yes you are right! Have a look at those two incredibly organised and picturesque snow resorts that can be found in the west!

4) Visit Florina, the coldest city in Greece!

Florina is mountainous city situated in the Northern part of Greece. It is said to be one of the coldest towns in Greece, because of its elevation and geographic position. Heavy snowfalls, thick fog and below-freezing temperatures are common during the winter months, facts that definitely attract the winter lovers’ attention. Lively, interesting and graphic, Florina is offered as a great getaway experience for the nature admirers.

PH9C+Q7 Perasma, Greece

5) Pay a visit to the Prespes Lakes, the richest in bio-diversity national park!

Only 45 km west of Flórina, lies one of the most important habitats in Greece. The wealth of this bio-diversity is perfectly demonstrated by the fact that more than half of birds, amphibians and mammals species found in Greece are encountered here; besides, 9 out of the 23 fish species living in its waters are endemic. Apart from swimming, fishing and rowing, the lake is also ideal for bird watching since there are four observatories in the area!

Prespa National Park
Prespa National Park
V2MC+8V Konjsko, North Macedonia

6) Visit the lake of Kastoria!

It’s one of the most beautiful in the Balkans, is directly linked to the character, history and development of the city. It has been classified as “Monument of Natural Beauty” by the Ministry of Culture and it has been integrated in the European Network “Nature 2000”!

Visit the lake of Kastoria
Visit the lake of Kastoria
G7GR+H5 Kastoria, Greece

7) Relax in Pozar’s Natural Spa!

Imagine yourself in a pool amidst precipice rocks, natural waterfalls and wild vegetation. Feel the soothing warmth of the water (37⁰C) taking the strain off your body, and let your eyes wander around the verdant gorge of the water stream of Áyios Nikólaos!

Pozar Thermal Baths
Pozar Thermal Baths
Politechniou 1, Aridea 584 00, Greece

Sounds like a good winter plan right? Stay tuned, part 5 is on its way!


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The author

Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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