Greek Adventure; Rafting in Aliakmonas

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If you’re one of those travellers who’d love to explore the mountainous & naturalistic areas of Greece by indulging into extreme sports, activities and excursions, then stay tuned cause a breath-taking series of articles is about to begin.

As mentioned previously, a well-established and active in the e-tourism partners of ours is now the “Greek Adventure” association based in Greece and they’re ready to help us introduce and present alternative excursions and extreme activities in Greece!

After having explored the Olympus mountain, the hidden beauties of Valia Calda, the land of the tower castles & ancient sites,Mani and the majestic Nafplio it’s time to go a bit northern and immerse into rafting in Aliakmonas river!

The river

Aliakmonas is the longest river in Greece, with a total length of 297 km.

Aliakmonas river and the lake of Polyfytos
Aliakmonas river and the lake of Polyfytos
Polyphytos 504 00, Greece

Its name comes from the ancient god of the rivers, Aliakmon (Als-Thalassa = sea) and (akmon = anvil). According to the ancient Greek mythology, Aliakmon was the Son of Okeanos (Ocean) and Tithis. NICE!

An artificial lake called the “lake of Polyfytos” was formed a few years ago around the area, making Aliakmonas a perfect refuge to all kinds of fish, birds and serpents.

On the top of Polyfytos’ lake, and between the village of Neraida and the city Servia an astonishing bridge can be found which is actually said to be the second biggest bridge on Balkans.

Rafting in Aliakmonas

Water rafting brings all the fun of the water together with the sense of adventure; being at the mercy of the waves and wondering what’s around the next bend is more than an exhilarating feeling! Whether as a family outing or an extreme sport excursion, water rafting offers everyone an opportunity to get out, get wet and most importantly have fun.

The river’s root is suitable for rafting throughout the year. The longest in length river of Greece is ready to host rafting groups in a few of his hundred’s of kilometres. Geologically the area is similar to the one of Meteora (rocks composed of psammite, sandstone) and the views offered while rafting are incredibly impressive.

The big variety of birds (herons, cormorants, black storks, wild ducks, falcons, eagles etc.) and also mammals (bears, deer, wild pigs etc.) that live in this wild and beautiful at the same time area guarantee you a trip somewhat different from the usual.

The essentials; what to bring with you for an unforgettable rafting experience!

-You have to be aware that it’s not a “dry” activity- Well, I guess you already know that!

1)swimming suit 2)towels 3)sunscreen 4)Great mood and of course 5)loads of energy !

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