Greek Adventure; A tour to Valia Calda!

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If you’re one of those travellers who’d love to explore the mountainous & naturalistic areas of Greece by indulging into extreme sports, activities and excursions, then stay tuned cause a breath-taking series of articles is about to begin.

As mentioned previously, a well-established and active in the e-tourism partners of ours is now the “Greek Adventure” association based in Greece and they’re ready to help us introduce and present alternative excursions and extreme activities in Greece!

After having explored the Olympus mountain, it's time to explore the hidden beauties of Valia Calda!

Welcome to Valia Calda, Greece's most impressive national park.

The Valia Calda National Park is one of the most beautiful, remote and unspoiled places that can be found in Greece. After having climbed the Olympus mountain and while looking for some relaxation and peace of mind, then Valia Calda is the place to be.

Trekking in Valia Calda
Trekking in Valia Calda
Perivoli 510 32, Greece
Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park
Mount Olympus National Park, Grèce

It is located in the northern part of the Pindos mountain range, north of the Metsovo village.

--which by the way is totally worth visiting!--

Metsovo Village
Metsovo Village
Metsovo 442 00, Greece

It’s said to be one of the coldest places in Greece and it was originally created as a bear reservation. Probably it doesn’t sound as such an appealing summer destination to you, however, if you’re one of those people who’d appreciate a cold summer breeze combined with naturalistic & virgin landscapes then keep reading!

Valia Kalda is a beautiful forested valley hidden from the world in an altitude of over 2000m high peaks. The Arkoudorema river (Bears creek) runs through the length of the valley until it meets Aoos river. Visitors are likely to spot in the highlands of Valia Calda brown bears ambling down to that area to drink water. The Valia Calda reservation is a unique ecosystem, and a safe refuge to several mammals (wolves, foxes, wild hogs and mountain antelopes), rare bird species (the golden eagle and the black stork) as well as reptiles.

There are few dirt roads heading for the valley of Valia Kalda from the main asphalt road near the villages Perivoli and Milia. All of them are in not in the best conditions and usually you’ll find no signs directing you towards a specific destination! A 4X4 Jeep is the best way to go and indeed the landscapes are rewarding! It’s actually a pretty good choice for driving in the difficult rocky terrain and through creeks and puddles.

What are you waiting for?

Set out on a fascinating journey to Valia Calda National Park, one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Europe! Admire the high, impressive mountain ranges, the forested slopes and the stunning natural landscapes. Explore the mysteries of nature, and let your adrenaline rush!

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