Talevi store in Ohrid

Sveti Kliment Ohridski 60, Ohrid 6000, Macedonia (FYROM)

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“Talevi” is the most famous family that deals with making the Ohrid pearl -a tradition of 90 years. Talevi surname is a synonym for unique, natural pearls. The business passed from generation to generation, only from father to son. Kliment Talev (pictured left) inherited the family business in 1964.Currently craft for making Ohrid pearl is teaching his son Vane (pictured right), who will then leave an inheritance to their three sons, Kliment, Michael and Aleksandar. The family business started Vane and his brother Mihail, (father and uncle of Kliment). They purchaised the formula for making a pearls from a man from Russia for 25 napoleons. Mihail bought materials for making pearls from Bethlehem and they started to work. Wealthy people began to buy from them, because only rich people could afford pearls. Into the shop came traders, bank owners, young Industrialists and bought pearls for their fiancés and wives. The pearls were named “Ohrid Pearls”. That name was established in 1935. Traders from Bitola and Skopje were common customers and they usually were sayin that they go to Ohrid for pearls, and that is how the name “Ohrid Pearl” was created- tells Talev. Ohrid pearls are highly appreciated and sought after in the world. They are made of nacre and shells, which Talevi procured from abroad. Each grain of pearl they made by hand, which issue certificates. Before starting work, Thalev put the grains of pearl on toothpicks over wooden meter long table. Each grain is coated with special emulsion, which is a family secret. We work only with natural materials. Even the brush with which we coat the pearls is made from fibers from squirel tail or horse. An emulsion has the same formula that bought my father and my uncle in 1924 - said KlimentTalev.

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