Balkan trivia: Exclusive cheap thrills in Ohrid

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After we agreed that Ohrid is a must-see place, let's discuss what not to miss when you are there. Only in Ohrid, and Ohrid people are very proud of it, you can eat Gjomleze. This is Turkish dish, of course, but I don't know why only in the Ohrid region remained as a dish and now is brought near to perfection. This kind of insiders info you can find while reading the serie of stories Balkan trivia.

Its name, originally Gozleme, comes from the Turkish word “goz” which means “eyes”. I don't know either this relation, but I certainly consume this dish with eyes closed. One of the reasons why adore this dish is because it is made of nothing, really. The ingredients are oil, water, flour, and salt. The creativity in this one is reaching the highest point by taking out the absolute maximum out of this combination of ingredients!

The thing is, you need a yard to make this dish. Yes, outdoor open space, where you can flame fire. These are the conditions.

Gjomleze is made with a lot of love, patience, and strong fire.

It is made with one big pan and two specific covers for the pot. You need a mixture similar to the one for the pancakes, and you are ready to start. This can take half a day. Yes, It is very slow preparation, that is why it is considered as dish that you can offer only to the most respectful guests of yours. Because I consider you as one of these, by reading itinari stories, I can tell you where to find this specific pastry. Go straight to the open market in the center of the city! There you will find several grandmothers waiting for you with a smile, offering you a piece of culture for less than 50 cents.

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Zlata Golaboska

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