Ohrid, the Balkan pearl

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The jewelry you will wear close to your heart

Listen, do you want to know a secret? I know for a place that is a piece of heaven. It is called Ohrid. It is a jewelry of place that comfortably exists on a lake coast since ancient times. Around the world you might hear stories about Balkan Jerusalem, told by impressed visitors of Ohrid.

By being here you will be amazed either by a variety of stories or by the wealthiness of nature. It is a small old town that accumulated in itself ancient, medieval, ottoman and modern history. It is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe with archaeological findings from the Neolithic period. The antic city Lihnid is placed in the very center of modern Ohrid so while walking you will experience this very unusual curtains of history all around. People that live here often say that Ohrid is a living monument, and with its 365 churches is hard not to agree with that.

Nature, oh nature! Ohrid lake is one of the oldest and biggest in Europe, famous for its impressive endemism. The big area of transparent water gives Ohrid irreplaceable fairytale landscape. Additionally, to this landscape, there is mountain Galicica that offers activities like paragliding, mountain biking, and hiking.

This magical lake got connected to the stars when one of the lakes discovered on Titan, Saturn biggest moon, got his name-Ohrid Lacus.

If you visit this place during worm days, spend some time doing nothing while laying on one of the beautiful public beaches, cooling yourself with local beer and snacking Plashica- small fishes, freshly prepared. If your choice is cold Ohrid, spend some time in drinking salep while gazing in the lake through the window of one of the traditional houses in the old city part. Chating with locals is always on their pleasure and most of them know enough, so they can tell you an infinite number of legends and stories about this fairy tale of town.

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Zlata Golaboska

Zlata Golaboska

I am Zlata and I am an architect living in the Balkans. I am passionate about cities, how people influence architecture and vice versa, and how places change our lives.

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