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I've talked about the Peaky Blinders in Birmingham, and that show gives a very different impression to the modern city. Birmingham is still considered by many to be a bit of a grey and depressing city, but the reality couldn't be further away. This is a city that every single month seems to be adding new architecture, new culture, new roads and new commercial opportunities - and one of the most significant advances that constantly marches forward is the cuisine and drinks here. Birmingham is a brilliant place for food and drink enthusiasts, with plenty of high-end Michelin star places, and everything down from there, with every possible national cuisine being represented in this incredibly metropolitan city. I wanted to talk about the very best cocktails in Birmingham, and where to find them!

Jekyll and Hyde

The Jekyll and Hyde was one of my regular bars that I loved to visit when I lived in Birmingham. It's not too far from the centre of the city, but is tucked away enough that normally it's quite quiet. The cocktails here were a real surprise, as the first time I visited I had just accidentally wandered in out of curiosity. The cocktail menu includes drinks like 'Lemon Bon Bon' and 'Love Hearts' and these sweet confectionary inspired mixes come with the actual sweets in an original and unique mug/glass.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a bar where experimentation and different are the key words you're most likely to hear. They love to try new things, and you are the test subject when you walk through the door. Their website says that here you will find a "celebration of the unconventional, dark and controversial" which I think sums up the experience here quite well! It's not just exciting cocktails here, as there is also a tasty and original food menu to go with their fantastic drinks. They also put on quite a lot of events, like an afternoon learning how to make the perfect gin and tonic, or similar classes.

The Edgbaston

A tiny little six bedroom hotel, the real pull to The Edgbaston is the cocktail salon. I absolutely loved the black and gold and decor, which adds real mystery and drama, whilst maintaining a very modern and exciting atmosphere. It feels like you are sitting in a theatre, ready for a show. And in fact, that really is exactly what you are doing. Cocktails here are prepared by barmen who are not just expert drink-mixers, but also showmen. Dry ice, exciting and unusual glass shapes and completely original presentation is the name of the game here! I also loved the little seating area outside, which when I visited was a bit cold, due to it being winter more or less. Instead of telling us to not be stupid, they instead brought us all blankets and we were able to enjoy the crisp autumn air in perfect warmth!

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