A one-day trip in Montepulciano

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Montepulciano is 100% what you’d expect to see while visiting the Tuscan countryside. Situated on top of a hill in between two extremely suggestive valleys (Val d’Orcia and Valdichiana), this town has all you wish to find in an Italian country village: beautiful green surroundings? Check! A classy and elegant medieval city-centre? No doubt. Top wine locally produced? You bet! Museums filled with pieces of international value? All day! Spas and thermal baths? Right outside the city!

Montepulciano is a great choice if you are in this part of Italy for just a short amount of time but you’d still like to experience some authenticity and legit Italian vibes. Not far from bigger points of interest such as Florence, Siena, and Perugia, the drive alone to get here is impressive. From each direction you’d come from you’ll definitely enjoy the landscapes, and the curvy and panoramic roads.

Once you get here park outside the ancient walls and start walking uphill towards the main square. The town is not really big so take your time while walking, enjoy the nice boutiques, and stop in one or two wineries you find everywhere in the city. Montepulciano is famous for its red wine (called “Nobile”); you won’t regret having a glass of it with some “crostini” on the side while sitting outside looking at the vineyards which surround the town. Once you get to Piazza Grande you can visit the patricians buildings, the Duomo, and the impressive marble-lined Municipality building.

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Federico Spadoni

Federico Spadoni

I am Federico, I was born and raised in Italy. Sport and news fanatic and active volunteer. I am currently living in Athens, Greece. I write about the central parts of Italy.

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