Balkan trivia: Have you met Simit?

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This one is not about a legendary Sir from the Balkans, but just cheap thrill that you can find only in Skopje. Simit pogaca (or Simitka if you want to sound more local) is Skopje's treat that will make you ask for more. Less is more said my favorite architect. In this case it’s completely proven! Simit pogaca is nothing but a sandwich with empty burek. If you are wondering what is Burek, you are already missing too much. Please check in for the next flight to the Balkans and treat yourself like a queen.

(this photo is taken from here I have never been taken photo of simit pogaca, since I am always too hungry to think of that)

The original recipe is made with cow ghee. But this ingredient lately remains. Mostly you can find vegan variation of it. It is basically flour, oil and water. The bun have a specific taste because it contains chickpeas flour. When I claim that the origins of this miraculous invention is from Skopje, I am not forgetting that the name have completely Turkish origins. Simit stands for bread, pocaca stands for pie. The story says that this combination was invented during the Ottoman Empire in no other place than Skopje. There are places in Turkey preparing simit pogaca, although the tradition is brought from Skopje. I like to see the simit pogaca like a great collaboration between two cultures. So simple, so compatible!

The breadpart is soaking the greasiness of the pie inside so it is a great combination equally as chicken and curry and eggs and bacon! In Skopje, in the Old Bazaar you can find one for less than 50 cents. Just make sure you wear the right pants (like Joeys thanksgiving pants) and enjoy it fully!

Old Bazaar Skopje
Old Bazaar Skopje
Old Bazaar, Skopje 1000, Macédoine (ARYM)

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