Kivi Paber Käärid

Telliskivi 60a C4, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 600 3626

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Rock Paper Scissors Food, Bar & Culture With its 100% gluten-free kitchen, we offer a simple yet fresh approach to healthy eating and pure enjoyment in the corner of Telliskivi Creative City. We are characterized by an eccentric atmosphere, supported by the perfect realization and experience that is all but boring. In addition to being cool, we offer a strong program and music experience for the weekend until the early hours of the morning. We have 80 seats on a couple of hundred squares, and a 40-seat sunny terrace awaits our guests in the summer. KITCHEN: Stone, Paper, Scissors Kitchen is the first in Estonia that offers a holistic menu for both a health conscious customer and a food grinder. Both of the wishes and needs are taken care of by the kitchen, choosing raw materials that are as clean and as close as possible. The components form a mixture of farm produce, certified organic products and pure Estonian food. When choosing raw materials, we consider it important that the production is as low as possible. To service people with different dietary approaches and restrictions, we eliminate grain-based cereal products and omega-6 rich vegetable oils from the kitchen. The mission of KPK's kitchen is to prove that high-quality healthy food can look very appetizing and delight the delightful taste. WHERE ?: We are located in the heart of Telliskivi Creative City - Contact: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Telliskivi 60A C4 Building Tel: 600 3626 RETAIL SUPPLY - MyChef / TAKEOUT ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Food, Booze & Justice 100% Gluten Free Rock Paper Scissors Food, bar & culture Our 100% gluten-free cuisine represents a simple, but easy-to-use meal in the special milieu of the Telliskivi Creative City. We offer an eccentric atmosphere, which is anything but boring. In a pleasant way to spend time we also offer a fun entertainment program for the weekends. We have arranged 80 seats awaits guests in the summer. CUISINE The cuisine of Stone Paper Scissors is the first in Estonia to offer a complete menu for the health-conscious customer as well as the gourmet. Our kitchen takes care of the wishes and needs of both, and is as natural as possible. The ingredients come from a variety of farm products, certified organic products, and pure Estonian food. We deem it important that the raw materials we select are processed as little as possible. In order to serve people with different dietary requirements, we have a great deal of our products. Our mission is to make a high-quality healthy meal look good. WHERE? We are located in the heart of the Telliskivi Creative City - Contact us: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Telliskivi 60A, building C4 Phone: 600 3626 mail:

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