Mercati di Traiano - Museo dei Fori Imperiali

Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Rome, Italy

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The Museum of the Imperial Forums in Trajan's Market is topographically and conceptually linked to the greater urban system of the Imperial Forums of Caesar (46 BC), Augustus (2 BC), the Temple of Peace (75 AD), of Nerva (97 AD ) and Trajan (112 and 113 AD). Opened in autumn 2007, it is the first ancient architecture museum and exhibits reconstructions of scores of architectural and sculptural decoration of the holes obtained with original fragments, casts and stone modular additions, according to the museological choice of reversibility. They shall return the "perception" of the quality and wealth of the Forum's figurative programs, the imperial propaganda tools. The museum occupies the buildings of the Great Hall and Central Block includes the Great Hemicycle section of the Forum of Trajan. It makes use of a mixed communication system, with traditional and multimedia technology panels. The exhibition begins in the Great Hall with the introduction to the Forum and the representation of each one through the most important discoveries. At the top level are the sections of the Forum of Caesar and the "Memory of the Antiquity", in the Main Building, the Forum of Augustus, "" model adopted in the Roman Province. The monumental complex called "Trajan's Market" at the "rediscovery" in the years 1926-1934, was a "multifunctional" center with administrative activities at the Forum of Trajan service: same built to it, is structured with separate buildings to roads on 6 levels along the slopes of the Quirinal hill, which sostruisce with the Great House. Reoccupied and transformed over time, in the years 2005-2007 was the subject of structural and advanced conservative restorations. The Museo dei Fori Imperiali houses also temporary exhibitions.

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