Menorca’s greenblue beaches

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Having already analyzed in detail and suggested a few amazing and alternative hiking options, now it’s time to go back to the touristic mode of writing and talk about a topic that we all love and desire visiting every summer, and yeah that’s the best beaches! As it has been previously mentioned, (check the related page), Menorca is the most authentic of the Balearic Islands. Together with Formentera, it is also the least visited. Since 1993, Menorca has been a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It truly is a different world, full of calas (beach coves) and crystal clear turquoise waters. A total paradise. Although Menorca is the smaller sister island of Mallorca, it has more beaches.

There are nearly 700 square kilometres of beach on the island and 216 kilometres of coastline; well, that means that there are a lot of options to set up a new tanning spot everyday! You only need to explore them! The mainstream way is to visit them by car! However, there are also many hidden or protected beaches that are only accessible by foot or from the sea, which means walking a little after parking and also explains why so many boats and yachts can be found anchored nearby various coves. When visiting many of the following beaches, you will need to bring your own drinking water and picnic food. The Menorquins seem to respect their natural environment and the beauty that their island offers; as a result you’ll find yourself in a natural and unspoiled environment where the views will take your breath away!

Remember; there are often not even any trash cans on these natural beaches, which means you'll need to take your garbage away with you. In this page you’ll find a few of my favorite beaches that are definitely worth a visit! Check it out!


...of course you can come across all these beaches easily while trekking through the Cami de Cavalls! Do not forget to check the page dedicated specifically to the hiking options offered in the island!

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