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The Beauty and… the Horse: Lipica

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In Lipica, where a national stud is located, since 1580 it is all about horses. A rich historical place, where you can see everything, from classical dressage to breeding, and where you are surrounded with a beautiful nature. It seems like you would enter a fairytale. This is the place to visit, especially for animal and nature lovers.

Did you know that Lipizzaner are actually born black and only later, as they grow older, their gradually turn white.

Your journey starts by driving through a breathtaking avenue to the entrance of the farm. The amazing view just brings the smile on your face. There are lots of activities you can choose from and enjoy the time with your family, learn something new, and gain a completely new experience.

You can watch the training of horses and riders, you can have a training yourself, or you can discover the karst nature from horseback (only for advanced riders). Of course, you should also shake up your legs a bit and take a walk through the complex of buildings to feel the historical power of this place.

A little bit hard to find, but definitely worth the effort, is a magical spot on the estate of Lipica. It is one of the karst typical sinkholes, which are specific for these area. This magical spot is called The Valley of Our Lady of Lourdes. Long story short: a very ill guy discovered that he feels much better after visiting this one sinkhole. He felt healthier there, so he was returning often and then magically recovered. To show his gratitude he built a beautiful and unique, open air church that is definitely worth a visit.

In the nearest village Lokev, known for prosciutto Lokev, you can enjoy tasting delicious traditional food and vine. Or you can also visit the live museum of Karst, where you can walk or cycle through the history of this amazing area. On a horseback or not, visiting Lipica will definitely leave you with great impressions.

Lipica, Slovenia
Lipica, Slovenia
6210 Lipica, Slovenia
Lokev, Slovenia
Lokev, Slovenia
6219 Lokev, Slovenia

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