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A great escape in the Elba Island

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We can all agree that Napoleone Bonaporte was a pretty smart man, right? Many of his decisions, political and on the battlefields, are praised still today as examples of acumen and intelligence. There is one, though, that remains one of his most underrated. Given the chance to pick among three islands to spend his exile he chose the Island of Elba, a wonderful location six miles off the Tuscany cost, and, if you’d ever pay a visit here, you wouldn’t call it a surprise.

Thanks to its unique landscapes, fascinating streets, and picturesque towns and villages this island is really an ideal (summer) getaway. Here you can choose if going for directly exploring its beaches and coves or maybe have stroll in centre of one of its towns. Portoferraio, where the ships dock after leaving from Piombino, is worth the visit. Walking among its cafes and boutiques, maybe on Friday during the street market, is relaxing and inspiring.

Just a one-hour drive away from the island’s capital is Sant’Andrea. Here the landscape around you is certainly less spoiled and wilder. From the village I would advise you to reach the beaches walking on steep shortcuts that would lead you in secretive and surprising small bays where sunbathing and chilling. Last suggestion: try to avoid the august period because from a calm, gentle island this place will turn in your regularly too crowded, I-am-not-coming-back-here location.

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Federico Spadoni

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