©Cover photo by Photo Archive of the Parco di Veio
©Cover photo by Photo Archive of the Parco di Veio

A little different Rome: Seven Hills, La Giustiniana

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On the list of the top 5 places to visit in a lifetime, the most common place you can find listed is Rome. Along with Athens, this city is fundamental to the human civilisation. Maybe that is the reason why it is a tourist hot spot, or maybe it’s just the pizza and the nice people there. If you are a hipster traveller and planning to avoid Rome just because it is too mainstream, simply don't do that to yourself. I know a spot where you can fully enjoy Rome, but this time in a completely different way.

Visiting Lazio would be the most common suggestion while on your way to Rome and in search of an outside of the box experience. For the first timers, I would still suggest to stick to the most common route though, that will allow you to see the most famous cultural spots; must visits for art and architecture geeks. However, If you're in search of an adventure full of experience, of a mixture of nature and urban jungle, keep reading cause I just discovered the perfect place for you and here I am sharing it.

The Seven Hills

The Seven Hills is a camping village, located just 20 min by train from the Vatican; it no doubt offers a unique experience and most important, a zen stay in wooden, well-designed sleeping cabins. This complex is placed in an incredible natural site and it includes a supermarket, three types of different sleeping options, a place to set your own camping set (tent or car), a bar, a disco and a restaurant. The bathroom facilities are shared, but there is also an option of choosing a bungalow with a bathroom and a small kitchen included.

Another option offered by this amazing complex is the "wooden cabins accommodation" , which brings to mind a tree house but this time built on the ground. These cabins are completely wooden - both their interior and their exterior- and the space inside them is just enough to fit a double bed and a little space to move around it. The environment is completely silent and right into the fresh air; what is more, it's completely dark during the night, so get ready for the best sleep of your life. What will probably wake you up, is the sunlight coming through the small wooden windows. Extremely idyllic! Plan your next trip to Rome so as it is a perfect combination of long, long walks around this eternal city and long, long rest in the woods outside of it.

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