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Athens, Seen From Above

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Travel Tips For Athens

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One of the best ways to experience a new city is to see it from above. Observing the buildings, the architecture and the original points that mark its characteristics can take your travel experience to another level. How would you feel having everything that lies at your feet? This is a guide for watching cities from another perspective. Destination: Athens.

In a word

One of the most ancient cities in the world, Athens is a wide-spread town. This is what makes it hard to cross and entirely explore. The best option you can have in order to enjoy both a quality time and the city itself is to climb to one of the city's hills. The highest and most famous point in Athens is the Lycabettus hill. With a height of 277 meters, you are assured that no point will stay hidden. The best time to climb is the night (preferably on summer), as you can see the entire city dressed with the most beautiful lights. If you can not make it at night, daytime is also a great moment to have a panoramic 360 degrees view of Athens, and of course the Acropolis.

Acropolis, Athens
Acropolis, Athens
Athènes 104 32, Grèce

On Top of Lycabettus

Once you are on top, you will find the restaurant Orizontes of Lycabettus (Horizons of Lycabettus). The quality of the food is incredible and worth tasting. Nowhere else you will have such a complete experience of great food accompanied with the best view over the city. The prices can be quite expensive even for locals, but the whole feeling is worth trying at least once in your life.

Orizontes Lycabettus
Orizontes Lycabettus
Aristippou 1, Athina 106 76, Greece

Replacing the temple of Zeus, on top of the hill there is also the St George's church, a beautiful little white chapel with many artworks, paintings and various hidden treasures inside, built in the 19th century. You can spend some time by visiting the interior of the church, while waiting for the sunset and the night to come.

Chapel of St. George
Chapel of St. George


There are various ways for you to reach the top of the hill; what you choose depends on your mood at the time. You can either go by car up to a certain point, but then you will have to continue on foot; or you can walk all the way enjoying the climbing and fresh air. For those whose physical condition is not their strongest part, you can still reach the top by using the special cable car in only 10 minutes. This experience will cost you 7 euros, but you will be offered a discount at the restaurant, so it's a win-win situation.

Bonus: The Sunset

Lycabettus hill is considered as one of the most romantic spots in Athens. It is said that you can have one of the best sunset views, and get thrilled by the amazing colour-changing sky at that time of the day. So, go for this unforgettable experience by taking your significant other. And if you don't have any, it doesn't matter as you can still enjoy with friends, family or even alone.

Mount Lycabettus, Athens
Mount Lycabettus, Athens
Lycabette, Athènes 114 71, Grèce

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