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And here is another entry on the encyclopedia that lets you discover the collection of pretty much all of the amazing Algarve beaches, while giving you some of the highlights of each area. All to make sure you get a little taste of this side of Portugal, and hopefully make you go and discover them yourself on your next travel! Below, the fantastic sandstrips of Lagos!

The parish of Lagos offers a wide range of different beaches, which demands to divide this first parish in two separate entries. In this first part are the beaches centered around Ponta da Piedade, a beautiful environment of corroded cliffs, rock arches, pillars and tunnels, and green waters. Big sandstrips or more remote locations, this western side of Lagos offers a little of both.

Praia do Porto de Mós

Though it does not look like it, Porto de Mós is a supervised beach! Its sandstrip is quite big and not as rocky as it may seem. Its impressive and untamed sharp cliffs have trails on top, and from there you can enjoy some great sights of the area. Looking east, the rocky coast of Lagoa extends up to Ponta da Piedade where many other great beaches can be found.

Praia dos Pinheiros

A little paradise of a beach, Praia dos Pinheiros offers a thin, cosy sandstrip enclosed in the middle of big and small cliffs wich give a beautiful overview of the area. This is a wild, unsurveilled beach. Strong winds cannot get through, so the clear blue waters bathing the shore are very calm. A great option for those looking for a more reserved spot to enjoy the summer days!

Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo is one of the most popular Algarve beaches, and it is easy to see why! Its small but warming sandstrip is surrounded by large cliffs, protecting it from wind and strong seas, while providing seaside trails with amazing views of the coast and the islets. During the low tide, the beach extends to other small pockets of sand, allowing more people to enjoy this great atmosphere!

That's it for this entry! But if these are not enough for the beach lover in you, check out these options: the second part on Lagos beaches, and the entry on Albufeira!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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