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Welcome once again to the Algarve Beach Encyclopedia, the series that offers a close look at the entire beach collection of southern Portugal! This time, the entry will include two parishes at the same time: Faro and Olhão. These two areas offer a fantastic bunch of huge and untouched sandstrips, located inside the marvellous environment of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. This part of the coast delights everyone with its unique atmosphere!


The capital of Algarve, Faro offers a very distinctive kind of beach: huge sandstrips kilometers long, located along the many sandy islands that make up this part of the southern coast, with clear and warm waters that are a staple of Algarve, and most of all the incredible scenery of lush nature of Ria Formosa! They are accessible by taking the ferry boat from Faro or Olhão. All of these beaches are true marvels that you just can't miss!

Praia de Faro

Above is the lovely Praia de Faro, located in the Ilha de Faro, which is part of the beautiful and lush natural park of Ria Formosa. It offers a long sandstrip, fantastic waters and great view, not just from the beach and the coast but also from the envolving area. Don't just get to the sand, take your time to explore a little bit of the island and its amazing sights!

Praia da Barreta

This long sandstrip limited by the Faro canal is Praia da Barreta, also known as Praia da Ilha Deserta, because it is located in one of the many desert islands of the area. The southernmost point of continental Portugal, the cape of Santa Maria, is located here. This beach is one of the favourites for those who search a tranquil and unpopulated spot for a more private day at the beach or for naturism. Being in this area, don't miss out on the beautiful sights of Ria Formosa!


Like Faro to the west, the Olhão coastline is part of the area of the Ria Formosa park, ensuring you will enjoy that amazing natural atmosphere in all its sandstrips! Although there are just a few beaches, they all have in common their great lenght, the fantastic waters and the lovely scenery. As with those of Faro, you should take the ferry from one of the nearby cities to get to these beautiful sandy islands.

Praia da Fuseta

The popular Praia da Fuseta provides a great, long sandstrip followed by dunes, and the great waters of Algarve in the incredible setting of Ria Formosa, full of biodiversity. This area has plenty of sandy islands and islets that recede and enlarge over time, so even a stroll along the inner part of the sandstrip is never the same experience. If you want to feel surrounded by untouched nature while still having a great day at the beach, this is the place to be!

And with these marvels, it is the end of one more chapter of the series. But of course, if these are not enough for the beach lover in you, go and discover these other places: the coast of Loulé sits to the west, there is lovely Tavira to the east, and farther away the summer-favourite Portimão is waiting for your visit!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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