Algarve Beach Encyclopedia! Lagoa pt4 & Silves

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The Algarve Beach Encyclopedia keeps going, providing you with the entire collection of incredible beaches of the popular summer destination of Portugal, the Algarve coast! The list goes on as we reach the eastern edge of Lagoa, with this fourth part on that parish, and the nearby Silves also has some great spots you can't overlook when passing by. Below are these great sandstrips, a few of them presented in more detail to give an idea of the variety of the coast!

Lagoa, pt4

The beaches of the easternmost part of Lagoa provide the same great sights of the coastal cliffs and the same fantastic clear waters of before, while the sandstrips get wider, and usually more crowded, and the cliffs slowly diminish in height. There are still different kinds of beach experiences to be found here though, with some secluded spots being great choices for a more tranquil summer time.

Praia da Senhora da Rocha

Under close watch of the Nossa Senhora da Rocha chapel, sits the lovely beach that borrowed its name. It is a big sandstrip proteced from wind by the tall cliffs, with clear and calm waters reaching the shore. It is not unusual to find the presence of local fishermen boats here, with some of them having the possibility to be rented for a great coastal stroll you should not miss!

Praia da Cova Redonda

Located in an area that is a touristic summer favourite, Praia da Cova Redonda offers a big sandstrip with cliff point at each end and a impressive islet right by the shore. It is one of those locations that just make for great summer photos! If the sand is very crowded, you can still enjoy this beach from above, from the seaside trails, or swim your way up to the nearby Praia dos Cavalos, a more reserved spot just around the west cliff!

Praia dos Beijinhos Este

This is a remote beach surrounded by the impressive and beautiful natural walls, pillars and arches like the one you can see above. The eastern area of Praia dos Beijinhos has a small, hidden sand pocket only accessible when the tide is low, but even if you don't get to the sandstrip, you will surely enjoy the incredible views of the coastal rock formations just by following the nearby seaside trails!


The parish of Silves extends inland, rather than outward towards the coastline. There are however a few great beaches located inside its limits. Armação de Pêra and Grande de Pêra are favourites during summer holidays, and they offer ample space for everyone while still providing calm seas and lovely sights. This is the place to be if you are looking for huge beaches, kilometers long, from where you can enjoy the extension of the coastline!

Praia Grande de Pêra Nascente

Here is the eastern part of Praia Grande de Pêra, with a huge sandstrip that extends for a long area. This is where naturists and other beach goers looking for a more reserved and tranquil beach find their spot. Besides the sun and the sea, the extended shoreline presents a great opportunity for some seaside jogging, with the lovely view of the coast in the distance.

These are the sandstrips at the eastern limit of Lagoa, and the ones in Silves. But Algarve has so much more to offer, so if these are not enough for the beach lover in you, check out these other entries of the series: the parish of Lagoa has a wide extension of great sandstrips to be found, further east sit the fantastic Albufeira beaches, and to the west are the wonders of Lagos!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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