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The encyclopedia series continues along the fantastic Algarve coast, letting you know the whole list of sandstrips and also giving a quick zoom in on some of the best beaches! Let's check out one of the widest parishes, with plenty of spots to discover. It is the area of Lagoa, with such a large extension that it forces us to break down its beach collection in several parts. This is just the first one!

Among these first kilometers of the Lagoa coast, you will find big sandstrips located inside the Arade river mouth, offering fantastic sights. The shoreline then slowly gives way to the cliffs, and the coast gets populated by beaches of different shapes and sizes, sometimes wide and popular, other times hidden coves or untouched spots. There is something for everyone!

Praia da Angrinha

Praia da Angrinha is located by the Arade river mouth, under the watch of the imponent São Jorge fort. Its sandstrip is a small but beautiful location, with vegetation all around it, and priviledged views of the river and the Lagos Marina on the opposite bank. The calm river waters complete this tranquil setting. If you're passing by, this place offers a great little escapade!

Praia do Molhe

A small but very pleasant beach. Praia do Molhe's most distinct trait is its long pontoon that extends well inside the river channel. This viewpoint lets you admire the entire area from inside the river. This is the outer edge of the river mouth, where the calm waters of the river mix with those of the ocean, and in this great little beach you can choose between the two!

Praia dos Caneiros

A popular beach for locals and tourists during the summer months, Praia dos Caneiros is located inside an area encoled by the sharp cliffs of the coast, protecting the sandstrip from stronger winds. They also provide the calm waters this beach is known for. It offers quite a large and ample sandstrip that has room for a restaurant in the sand and great views of the Ponta do Altar.

Praia do Mato

This beach is only accessible by sea, by swimming from the nearby beach or by boat, but if you manage to get to Praia do Mato, you will find an untouched sandstrip that hides many fantastic views of the natural scenery. There are several caves and a natural arch, a few islets on the shore and as is usual around these parts, great clear seas. If you have the chance, do not miss out on this little gem!

In case these first sandstrips of Lagoa are not enough for the beach lover in you, check out these other entries in the series: there is the second part on Lagoa, the last great beaches of the parish with Silves nearby, and the Albufeira coast!

Enjoy your visit along the coast of southern Portugal with the help of this encyclopedia on the great beaches of Algarve, and don't forget to take your time to really appreciate the things you see!

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