Picture © Credits to istock/photoaliona
Picture © Credits to istock/photoaliona


Kakheti is the extreme east of the country. The most known place of the region is the David Gareja monastery complex, located near the borders with Azerbaijan....

On the other side of the region you will find the Tsiv-Gombori mountains. Hike to Lagodekhi park in the subtropical forests to find one of most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. There are some hostels in the park if you decide to spend your night there. You can come along with wild animals like bears, deers and leopards if you hike in the early morning. The capital of the region is the city of Telavi, an appropriate destination for tourists that are interested in religious monuments, like the Alaverdi cathedral or the Ikalto monastery. Famous is also the vineyard all around, with Kakheti being a great wine region, with new and interesting tastes to try from.

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