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Georgia, the home of wine: wine varieties and production

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Did you know that Georgia is famous as the birthplace of wine and grapes? Can you imagine that, in this country, the wine counts 7000 years of history? Archeologists have discovered remains of grape seeds dating back to the 6th century BC. This is proof that Georgia is really the home of wine.

Tamada, the leader of the Georgian table 

The tradition of “tamada” runs in Georgia from ancient times. Tamada is the leader of the Georgian table (“Supra”); they have a huge responsibility as they must be able to say long toasts and rule the whole process without getting drunk. This is very difficult, as sometimes they are challenged to “different toasts,” which means that they might drink liters of wine in one shot.

Georgian winemaking techniques 

Today, more than 500 varieties of grapes are grown in Georgia. Kakheti is the richest winemaking region in the country. There is a big difference between European and Georgian technology and practices when it comes to wine. According to Georgian techniques, the grape juice is kept in a huge clay jar, called Qvevri, which is buried under the ground. Another traditional tool for wine-making is called Satsnakheli. It is a container carved from a large tree trunk, and it resembles a boat. We put grapes in there, and people press it with their feet. The juice produced is then moved to Qvevri.

Georgian wine & its uniqueness

Once you taste the Georgian wine, you will understand why this delicious and unfiltered wine is so popular. Georgian wine is stronger than European ones, and it has a different unforgettable aroma. Even during summer, the wine is kept cold in Qvevri, and exporting it is just impossible. The reason is that Georgian wine is natural without any artificial additions, and in a long way, it would be spoiled. That is why, if you want to taste our wine, you have to visit Georgia.


We have different brands of red and white wines. Basically, Georgian wine is semi-dry or dry, as we do not add sugar artificially. However, some types of grapes are very sweet, and some regions produce natural semi-sweet wine too.

Wineries not to be missed

There are many wineries in Georgia, especially in the Kakheti region, where you can have a degustation of different sorts of wines. Also, they will let you participate in bread making, but you can also make Georgian sweets, which are also made with grape juice and walnuts, called Churchkhela. This national sweet is essential for the New Year’s table.

Georgian wine is a drink that will make you feel warmth and love, as it is prepared with care and pride; this is another reason why Georgia is considered to be 'the home of wine'. 

Winery Khareba, Kvareli
Winery Khareba, Kvareli
Kvareli, Georgia
Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House
Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House
Kvareli, Georgia

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Anano Chikhradze

Anano Chikhradze

I am Anano. I Iove travelling, history and getting to know people from all over the world. I write about Georgia, my country, and I am sure everybody will fall in love with it.

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