Cover photo © Credits to AlexRaths
Cover photo © Credits to AlexRaths

Ethno house Dinar, dining in the 19th-Century Serbia

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Sitting in the unique handmade chairs entirely made out of wood, while sipping some of the best Serbian wines, and taking in the authentic Serbian decorations in the warm atmosphere. Sounds like a perfect way to discover the culture, right?

The Ethno house Dinar in Vrsac serves as an eternal reminder of the past and a protector of culture. While dining in this 19th-Century Serbia styled restaurant you get an interesting tour of the past, while nobody is speaking. How? The specially created food and unique ambiance speak for themselves. Just relax and let your taste buds take your thoughts to the more distant time. It’s a recipe of how to quickly and surely fall in love with Serbian cuisine and come back for more.

Everything that a man does should be powered by tradition. The legacy is what we’ve inherited from the past, what we live today and what we want to leave for the future generation - goes one of the main philosophies of the ethnic restaurant Dinar.

Ethno house Dinar, a unique dining experience

When I saw an advertisement for an ethno restaurant with an average rating of five stars in a small town of Vrsac, I was skeptic what to make of it. The most peculiar thing? The majority of the reviews were from foreign tourists, in English. It was interesting enough to make me want to visit.

With a high uncertainty still challenging my modern views of dining and food, I enter a modest wooden door in a tiny street of Vrsac, only to discover a very rich and emotional experience reminding me of my great-grandparents and a traditional way their house was decorated. The Ethno house Dinar pays special attention to maintain widely praised Serbian hospitality and cordiality. I was greeted by a joyful waiter, warmly welcoming me and showing me a way towards my reserved table. The thoughtfully collected objects from the past are smartly used as decorations: they appeal to the tourists who’ve never seen anything like that before, and they get to the bottom of every Serbian soul, by resembling the old houses and decorations where our ancestors used to live.

About the menu

The food is based on the traditional dishes and ingredients, reinvented with the modern food decorations, and healthy, organic materials. Everything is tended with the utmost precision and care, even the salt and pepper shakers have the unique engraved ethno motives.

The traditional appetizers are accompanied by honey, healthy spices, nuts and fruits. The soups have a special way of serving and beware, they come extremely hot and fresh! The main dishes give away a rich flavor even only with their charming smell. While I can’t decide what to recommend as the best since it totally depends on the personal preferences, the ethno house Dinar takes pride in their tender meats selection and food grilled over a charcoal.

The wine list offers a selection of the best Serbian and Romanian wines, and the dedicated employees won’t hesitate to recommend their personal choice or help you decide with yours.

While the quality of food is unquestionably good, the rustic decorations, vigilant stuff, nostalgic music and an overall warm ambiance makes everything taste even better. The Ethno house Dinar team loves what they do, and they go a step further to make your dining in the 19th-Century Serbia unforgettable. While I gladly secured their impeccable rating on TripAdvisor with my vote, I decided to go a step further. I know where I am taking my foreign friends for lunch!

Ethno house "Dinar"
Ethno house "Dinar"

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