La Pisici - a place to drink coffee and spoil the kittens

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I don’t know about you, but my day starts with a coffee. No matter the day or the rush, I enjoy drinking that first coffee and take my time doing it. In the morning, there is the first cup, but during the day, I enjoy more of this energizing drink. Another thing I am also in love with are the kittens. There is a way to combine those two at La Pisici, a place in Timișoara, where you can drink a coffee and spoil the kittens.

If you plan to get home with a unique souvenir

La Pisici is the second cat cafe opened in Romania. More and more venues in Romania have an animal tolerance. But if you are a cat lover, this is the right place to be spoiled. The cats are mostly adopted, saved from the streets, then vaccinated and taken care of. There are about 40 cats you can play with while drinking your coffee. You can even adopt one kitten, if you feel you have made a special connection with one of those little ones.

La Pisici
La Pisici
Strada Mihail Jora 3, Timișoara, Romania

Not only kittens

The cafe also has two dogs, that belong to one of the owners, and you wouldn’t believe it but they get along with the cats just fine. Besides coffee, you can enjoy a lemonade or a soft drink inside or in the garden.

How the idea was born?

La Pisici is owned by a couple, Roxana Sulti and Silviu Cadia. She wanted to rescue the kittens, and he wanted a place in Timișoara that serves a real Turkish coffee. And this is how an idea was born, and the venue opened in 2015.

The music is relaxing, the service is friendly, and the owners are there for you, telling the stories about each kitten or explaining to children how to treat cats.

Why combining these two?

Maybe you have a cat at home and you miss it, or maybe you just can’t afford to have a cat at home. Either way, I am sure that the experience of drinking a coffee and spoiling a cat is one you will enjoy as well. Studies show that pets have a positive effect on humans. It is also a perfect way for children to play with this majestic creatures, while you energize yourself with a coffee.

But what are these benefits of owning a cat or playing with a cat? The presence of a cat triggers the release of Oxycontin, a hormone known for inducing feelings of love and trust. Studies show that you are less likely to have a stroke, and that your blood pressure is lower if you are a cat owner. Holding a kitten will trigger calming chemicals in your body, and so it reduces the stress and anxiety. Besides being adorable, owning a kitten increases a sociability and provides a companionship.

Just enjoy your visit

At La Pisici, the unique cafe in Timișoara, you can spoil the kittens and drink a Turkish coffee. After being energized, you can also see the Roses Park in the city of parks, where you will find so many species of roses to make your day even better.

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