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The most beautiful park in the "city of parks", Timișoara

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In western Romania one could visit the city of Timișoara, a city also known as the city of parks or the city of flowers. In this story, I will describe you the most beautiful park in Timișoara.

The Roses Park, placed in the center of the city, was designed by Wilhelm Mühle and Wenceslas Franz Niemitz, two famous landscape architects. The park was built in an English and French style. It is about 9 ha and it was inaugurated on 19 July 1891 for the Universal Exposition for Industry and Agriculture in Timișoara. The park showed 300 different species and 2000 variations of colors and forms of roses.

A short history

Franz Joseph the First of Austria visited the garden on 16 September 1891 and was impressed by the parks beauty. The roses were exported mainly to Budapest and Vienna. One of the architects, Wilhelm Mühle, the creator of the first cultivar of roses in Romania, was also recognized as a supplier for the imperial and royal Austrian court.

The park was destroyed during the First World War. The son of the above-mentioned architect, Arpad Mühle, continued his fathers work and initiated the reconstruction of the Roses Park in 1928. He also created 15 new rose varieties.

Roses Park (Parcul Rozelor)
Roses Park (Parcul Rozelor)
Roses Park, Timișoara, Roumanie

The new park, the biggest rosary park in southern Europe with over 1200 species of roses was inaugurated in 1934.

The parks summer theater was built in the Inter-War period. The name of the park changed as time passed, in 1942 the park was known as the Queen Mary Rosary. Today it is named the Roses Park.

Sadly, during the Second World War, the park was destroyed once more. It was restored between 1953 and 1965 to its original rose varieties number, which were procured from the country and from abroad.

The park today

The park is open all year long, one should visit it during the roses flowering time, from mid spring to fall. There are hundred of fixed seats and one visitor can just sit, relax and enjoy the variety of roses. Today, there are about 10 000 roses but only 600 species organised in 8 groups. During the summer the park also hosts a summer theater, at the stage build in the Inter-War period and a long series of famous festivals with variation from music to opera and dance.

I don’t know about you, but I love parks. And while traveling one surely needs a break. And while being in western Romania, in Timișoara, you definitely should visit this beautiful, amazing park in the city of parks.

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