Greek Gastronomy Guide; local flavors that shouldn’t be missed!

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So far I have been describing and suggesting places, activities and things to do while in Greece. However, while looking for inspirations for my next pages, I realized that I have missed something important; and yeah that’s the Greek food! Greek food spreads its culinary influence throughout Europe and beyond. It is known as some of the best food in the world! With an age old tradition, Greek foods have been greatly influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures.

Fresh vegetables, fishes & seafoods play a significant role in the cuisine mostly because of its long coastline while meat is treated as less popular, with the exception of lamb. Despite what you may believe about Greek cuisine, it is more than just “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and the famous Greek Salad “choriatiki”. It offers a great variety of delicious and healthy dishes that can fully satisfy everyone, both vegetarians and meat lovers. Greek cuisine has four secrets: good quality fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity. Dozens of scientific studies have shown the positive effect of a balanced Greek diet on a person’s health, beauty and longevity. However, flavors of Greek foods changes with season and geography. So how can you find the best Greek food? What should you try and where? What do the locals suggest? Here you are! A short Greek cuisine guideline that would definitely satisfy your appetite! Bon apetit!

Let's start with some basics...

...and now a few more complicated dishes to cook but easy to find all over Greece!

...and a few tips for the cheese and yogurt lovers! yeap...we have some incredible dips!

...and what to drink? Definitely try those ;)

The lamb culture...I' m pretty sure that some of you have been wondering about it...

On Holy Saturday, Greeks all over the world are busy preparing the lamb for the Easter feast the next day. Lemon juice, herbs, salt, and spices are massaged into the skin so they can infuse the lamb with flavor before it gets placed on the spit, or souvla. The method for preparing the lamb depends on the family and what region of Greece they are from. In any case, if you happen to be in Greece during Easter, do not miss the chance to try it! It's really unique and really delicious! And of's something that only the locals do!

Enjoy your meal!

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