Buzludzha monument, Bulgaria

Khadzhi Dimitur, 6140, Bulgaria

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In 1961, to mark 70 years since Dimitâr Blagoev's group met at Buzludzha Peak to found the Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party, three monuments were unveiled on the mountain. The original plan had been to create a fourth, as well – an illuminated red star on the mountaintop. The architect Georgi Stoilov submitted a proposal for that fourth monument, featuring a ring perched on six columns and a tower at its centre bearing the star. The project wasn't used in 1961 however, and it was a decade later when Stoilov got a call asking him to revise his plans. Given the extreme winter conditions at the peak (with strong winds and temperatures often as low as -25 °C / -13 °F), the new specification was for a memorial house featuring heated interior spaces for hosting visitors and special events.

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