Morning stroll in Foz do Lizandro, pt1

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A few days ago, I joined my parents and godfathers on a trip around Foz do Lizandro, the beautiful river mouth valley in the parish of Mafra, below Ericeira, in Sintra. We were planning on enjoying a little morning walk, going from the seaside neighbourhood of João David Soares down to the Nossa Senhora do Ó chapel, located inland near the Lizandro river. I thought I would recollect the events, show you a real activity you too can enjoy when passing by. That day, the sun decided not to show up, and we had to change our route midway through, but it was still an experience that can inspire you when visiting this area!

With light clothes, water and a first-aid kit, we started our walk by the access road of Praia do Sul, near the housing. Heading south, we followed along the seaside pathway, by the national road. During these first minutes we could already see how much the people take advantage of the area. We crossed many people walking, jogging or cycling. After a few minutes, we reach a big viewpoint that provides great views of the landscape and the coast, with the Foz do Lizandro beach to the left. With clouds covering up the sky, there is a somewhat mysterious ambiance.

When the main road started to offer a bit of a slope, we crossed to other side to go up a new road leading to an agglomerate of small houses. We go up the road, in the opposite direction of the seaside. The vegetation surrounds each house and garden. As we reach the upper area, leading to crossroads, the green slowly gives way to more housing. All the way up Rua da Mina, the village really has a holiday housing feeling. Further up, after a fork in the road, there is an abandoned stone house in ruins, a small house. Around it are some patches of bright colored flowers that catch our attention.

After a bit of hesitation, we turn right, and right again, as a choir of dogs barks at our presence. We are in Rua da Galinhaça, a small path, going down the gentle downward slope of the hill once again. The vegetation regains a strong presence, and the working fields extend over wide areas on each side of the road. There are some lovely isolated houses here, surrounded by the fields and the trees that become more and more dense. One of them, called 'Quinta do Ar Puro', which means roughly 'fresh air farm', has its owner by the fence filled with plants. We say good morning to the lady inside, and continue our way southeast.

Completely out of the habitation area, the trail is a bit rough, with holes and pebbles. We can start to appreciate the green landscape around us. The region has many beautiful low hills of smooth edges. We can see another portion of the village extending along one of them, and the ones farther away, across the valley to the south, hold a few houses and big patches of low vegetation and trees. The sky seems to be clearing up!

At this point we are halfway through our walk. There is still a lot to see though, and you can keep keep following it on the second part of this morning walk in Foz do Lizandro!

Praia da Foz do Lizandro
Praia da Foz do Lizandro
Portugal, N247, 2655-130 Carvoeira, Portugal

I hope this small snippet has made you curious to visit Foz do Lizandro, and it lush surroundings. It is a lovely place where you can treat yourself to some tranquil seaside vibes, where nature is very present, and of course there is the river and the beach! If you pass by Mafra or Ericeira, don't miss it! See you on the next trip!

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