Morning stroll in Foz do Lizandro, pt2

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A few days ago, I went on a stroll with my parents and godfathers around the area of Foz do Lizandro, a river mouth valley with amazing sights that sits in Mafra, just south of Ericeira, . The plan was to start at the neighbourhood atop Praia do Sul, and go inland to reach the Nossa Senhora do Ó chapel, near the Lizandro river. Here is a description of what we saw on the the second half of this trip. To know how we started, you can read Part 1 on the first half of our morning walk in Foz do Lizandro. As you will see, we were not very lucky with the weather and something made us change our plan, but I hope this real activity will inspire you to go out and see this beautiful landscape for yourself!

We arrived at the base of the valley, by the huge working fields that accompany the Lizandro river. An ETAR (a residual water treatment station) is located here. We go around it, with the cliff to our left. The river is on the right, and is looking surprisingly low today. We keep going, slowly getting farther from it as we reach our destination. The church of Nossa Senhora do Ó is on sight, but unfortunately there are barriers blocking the way! There is nobody around but it seems there are some works being done in the area. And so we turn around and improvise.

We decide to follow the river, in the opposite direction of where we came from. After a little backtracking, we make a turn to another path by the ETAR. The new trail crosses the fields that grow by the riverside, where people grow all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Along the Lizandro river are some big trees that offer a bit of a shade. The air is quickly getting warm. In the stones that interrupt the low river stream we spot a turtle catching a bit of warmth, quickly diving away at our presence. We keep going, but the sky still seems a bit closed.

Our path goes under the national road brigde. There are still remains of the old stone one, which used to be particularly low. The trail goes up to meet the road and we are forced to follow it for a while, as there are no other alternatives. Paying attention to the passing cars, once again we follow the tar road, now leaving the bridge behind. In a rare opening, a woman is selling fruits and vegetables to the passer by. It is a very common sight around these parts.

After a few minutes we reach the plate reading 'Foz do Lizandro', which points to the access road to the beach. We can spot the sandstrip from here, in between nearby housing. To the right sits a huge building, once a famous disco that will soon become a mega-hostel. This is a popular region! Now there is a sidewalk, the same path we took a few hours before. We follow it, with a fantastic view to our left. In sunny days, we would enjoy the blue sea and the green river mouth valley opening in a ample and inviting shoreline, far below. Today, the weather gives the landscape a sort of vague, hazy atmosphere.

We reach the miradouro again, and soon return to the starting point. About 2 hours walking, and it felt pretty good to escape the routine and get a bit of exercise! We will follow a different route next time, taking the trails on the other side of the Lizandro valley that offer a bit more difficulty and lead towards the beach.

Praia da Foz do Lizandro
Praia da Foz do Lizandro
Portugal, N247, 2655-130 Carvoeira, Portugal

So there you have it! Foz do Lizandro is a fantastic place to visit, with plenty of things to do. There is the beach, but don't forget the hills and river and the great vistas you can enjoy in a simple walk by the regions' trails! If you are around Mafra or Ericeira, go check this place out! Until then, have a great trip and happy strolls!

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