Must-sees in Constanța: The Casino and The Naval Shipyard

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It is summer! It is hot! If you are searching for an awesome destination on the seaside for this summer, you might end up in Constanța, one of the oldest cities in Romania. In this story, you can read about two must-see attractions in Constanța - the Casino and the Naval Shipyard.


The first attestation of Constanța dates back to 657 BC, when the Greek colony called Tomis was mentioned. It was later conquered by the Romans in the year 71 BC. During the 13th century, the Black Sea was under the influence of Italian merchants from Geneva, traders who contributed to the development of the city. All these events have one thing in common: the Port of Constanța. The naval access has always played an important role, and the Port of Constanța is the largest one in the Black Sea basin, being about 30 km long. The two must-sees, you can read about in this story, are also on the shore of the Black Sea.

The Casino

The Casino, located on the peninsula of Constanța, is the historical city center. The seaside pavement promenade leads one to this imposing building with a unique shape and rich architecture. The building is placed in a unique landscape, where you can sense the smell of salty water (I personally love that smell) and feel the sea breeze.

Constanța Casino
Constanța Casino
Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 15, Constanța 900178, Romania

The construction of the casino began in 1904, similar to most of the casinos in Europe. The original plans, made by architect Petre Antonescu, were in the style inspired by the traditions of the Romanian art. The plans were, however, changed and finalized by Daniel Renard, a French architect who chose an Art Nouveau style. The building was finished in 1910.

The casino has a dance hall, two gaming rooms, two reading rooms (for newspapers and magazines), and the terrace with an amazing view of the Black Sea.

Since 1979, the building was enrolled in the list of historical monuments. Today, one can see only the building, not its interior, as the access inside is prohibited.

The Naval Shipyard

The Constanța Naval Shipyard is the second largest shipbuilder in Romania. The shipyard is ranked among the largest new buildings, ship repairs and conversions yards in Europe. And it is the world's first-class shipbuilder for medium range products and chemical tankers. Here ships are not only designed but also built and repaired.

The Naval Shipyard Constanța
The Naval Shipyard Constanța
Incinta port, Constanța 900003, Romania

This yard offers a visitor an opportunity to see the most diverse ships and the process of building all at once. One might be delighted by this industrial area at the shore of the Black Sea. I surely am!

These were two must-sees attractions in Constanța - the Casino and the Naval Shipyard. There is no better way to spend a holiday than by being delighted by what you see.

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