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A day trip on the Monte Lussari

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The Monte Santo di Lussari is a mountain rised in the Julian Alps south of Camporosso at a height of 1789 metres above sea level at the point in which Italy, Austria and Slovenia meet.

On the top of the mount there is a small village, around a stunning sanctuary. The legend says that a shepherd, after losing his sheep, found them on the mountain kneeling around a bush of mountain pine. At the center of the bush was a Madonna with Child. On the site in 1360 was built a church and then the current church that dates back to 1500 and 1600. Today is a destination for pilgrimages.

From the top you can enjoy a view of the valley of Tarvisio and the surrounding hills. On the place there are the typical alpine shelters that offer genuine cuisine and hospitality. The sanctuary is accessible by foot via the picturesque Sentiero del Pellegrino that winds through the forest of Tarvisio, or with the cable car from Camporosso. In any case the resort you will reach is one of the most beautiful places in this part of Italy. If you choose the 15-minute cable car, its ride offers absolute heavenly views that go on forever (the price of the cable-car is 14euro roundtrip, a bit expensive in my opinion but it is worth it). If you decide to walk be aware that the Sentiero del Pellegrino, through highly appreciated by trekking lovers, is about 10 km and it is not for the faint hearted.

On the top there are also plenty of lovely restaurants and cafes to relax and refuel. Monte Lussari combines opportunities for both, people who are active and want to climb the mountain, about 1000m from the cable car station, or who just want to spend a few hours on top of a mountain with a fine view and excellent food. The peace you feel when you are up there is special. The tranquility, beauty and views surround you even when it is busy! For ski lovers, the Prampero ski run starts from the top of the mountain offering one of the most exciting ski slopes of the region.

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Eleonora Ruzzenenti

Eleonora Ruzzenenti

I am Eleonora, from Italy. I share with you a frenetic passion for travelling and an insatiable curiosity for different cultures. On itinari, you will find my stories about Italy.

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