Exciting ways to spend active vacations in Bohinj

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Spending some time in Bohinj Valley, or maybe visiting the International wild flower festival, you might want to take some time for more active vacations. Even if you are not really a fan of sports activities, there are so many being offered in Bohinj, that you will definitely find something for you. It might be a light activity, like walking along the lakeshore, or you will choose something more exciting to give you an adrenaline rush, either way, fun is guaranteed.


If you ever felt like flying, but are kind of missing a pair of wings, in Bohinj they have you covered. There are many possibilities: trying out the zipline, flying in tandem and enjoying the paragliding experience or taking the challenge and going for Bohinjski flyer. This is a device that simulates ski flights over 250 m and when young athletes are not using it for safe training and practice on it, you can try it out and experience how ski jumping champions feel at the take-off. Similar things and different flying simulations can be experienced also in Planica, the cradle of ski flying.

On two feet

After going crazy and trying all the flying activities, one might want to get down from the sky and feel the ground under the feet. There numerous hiking tours available, from very demanding, even climbing Mount Triglav (2864 m) to enjoyable walk around the lakeshore, exploring the many hidden spots to take some rest and enjoy being surrounded by nature. The athletes among you are welcome to try themselves in the sport requiring the most endurance. Bohinj Iron Triathlon will take place in summer and it will consist of rowing, mountain biking and mountain running. Respect!

Triglav mountain
Triglav mountain
Triglav, 5232 Soča, Slovenië

And if two feet are not enough, what about four? Horse riding on this diverse terrain is quite an experience and is suited for beginners as well as experience riders. Guided tours that vary from short trips to whole day riding tour are offering a great exercise as well as sightseeing adventure.

When it gets too warm outside, you can go underground and explore some other Slovenian caves than the most famous and large ones. In cave Govic you can, accompanied by a caving instructor, descend on a rope 100 m deep and explore the underground world. This one is really for physically fit guests. If you don’t have that much climbing experience, you can try yourself in sports climbing or even take a course. Almost 500 well-equipped directions and 16 climbing sites are suitable for beginners and even for advanced climbers. These are some of the many ways and possibilities of how to spend your time in Bohinj. Enjoy exploring some other ones as well!

Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj
Meer van Bohinj, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenië

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