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Conquering Mt. Triglav - the path to becoming a true Slovenian

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Every country has its unique symbols of recognition and identity, and Slovenia is no exception. One of the most known is that you become a true Slovenian only when you have conquered the highest mountain in Slovenia – Mt. Triglav. The path to there is neither short nor easy, but when you reach the top of the magnificent mountain, you feel the enormous pride and accomplishment for successfully taking a trip to Triglav. The ascent to the top of the mountain is, of course, not exclusive to Slovenians but also for all of you visiting Slovenia, as long as you are in a good physical condition and have a passion for the mountain climbing.

A symbol of Slovenia

Mount Triglav is located in the centre of the beautiful Triglav National Park, which is consisted of various mountains, lakes and valleys. The name of the 2864 m high mountain comes from the fact that there are three peaks composing the mountain, the middle one being the highest. Mt. Triglav is also depicted on the Slovenian coat of arms with three yellow stars on the top of the highest peak and the curves under the mountain, representing many Slovenian rivers and lakes.

Triglav National Park
Triglav National Park
Triglav National Park, 4260 Selo pri Bledu, Slovenië

Where to start your trip

The best seasons to summit Triglav are summer and early autumn, when the mountain is not covered in snow, which makes the ascent less dangerous. It is recommended to take two days to complete your trip. Most people make a longer stop once they reach one of the bigger huts under Mt. Triglav. The highest mountain hut in Slovenia is the Triglavski dom na Kredarici (the Triglav Lodge at Kredarica). There you can stop before continuing your path on a protected climbing route for approximately an hour before you reach the top of Mount Triglav. You can also stay overnight at the hut to rest and return to the valley the next day.

Triglav Lodge at Kredarica, Slovenia
Triglav Lodge at Kredarica, Slovenia
4281 Mojstrana, Slovenia

One of the most demanding paths you can take to Triglav starts at the Savica hut, from where you can also visit the Savica waterfall with a beautiful love story to tell, and continues through the Triglav Lakes Valley.

Savica hut, Slovenia
Savica hut, Slovenia
Ukanc 103, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

Hey, you made it!

Once you finally reach the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain, you of course, have to take a picture in front of the cultural and historical monument called the Aljaž tower, also known as the Triglav tower and relax while enjoying the breath-taking view.

Safety, safety, safety

The most important when ascending Mount Triglav is that you are well prepared for variable weather conditions and difficult hiking with the appropriate footwear. You should also be very careful when ascending and strictly follow the marked paths. It is also highly recommended to wear a helmet and have some company with you.

You won’t be disappointed with the highest view of Slovenia that Mt. Triglav has to offer. From the top, you can see the Adriatic Sea, the Dolomites, the Karawanks, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and much more of the beautiful landscapes. That is why conquering Mt. Triglav is a great experience for all the hiking and climbing lovers who wish to discover the path you have to take to become a true Slovenian.

Triglav mountain
Triglav mountain
Triglav, 5232 Soča, Slovenië

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